Power Distance Index (PDI)

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,,PDI is concerned with attitudes toward hierararchy, specifically with how much a particular culture values and respect authority,, – Hofstede s Dimensions.

Este interesant acest index in urmatorul exemplu din Korea:

The Korean linguist Ho-min Sohn writes:

,,when drinking with a social superior, the subordinate hides is glass and turns away from the superior…All social behavior and action are conducted in the order of seniority or ranking,,

There is a Korean saying > chanmul to wi alay ka ita, which means there is order even to drinking cold water.

Lasa-ma să îmi beau apa minerală – cum zicea un domn pe youtube….:)))))

Cultivate calm

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Aici se potriveste urmatorul banc pe care l-am citit recent:

,,Doctor: Are you employed?

Me: Yes, i am an attorney.

Doctor: Do you drink?

Me: Yes, i just told you, i am an attorney,,….:)))))

,,On the outside, clients want to appear cool, calm and collected as they try to reassure employees, family and themselves while they develop a coping strategy,, But internally, it’s a different story: “You’re scared. You wonder, is this going to threaten my career? Is this going to threaten my livelihood? What are people going to think about me?.

The plight of clients often affects the well-being of their lawyers, too.

“Lawyers wade around in crisis all the time,” Solomon said. “We pride ourselves on being detached, but we are definitely people who are at risk of secondary trauma and experiencing that crisis pain ourselves.”

Redefining Crisis Management: Supporting a Lawyer’s Wellbeing by Supporting the Client’s Wellbeing,”

Work-related injuries

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Freakonomics> The state of Connecticut uses to compensate for work-related injuries the next table:

Lost or damaged body part ———————– Compensated weeks of pay
Finger (first) ———————– 36
Finger (second) ———————— 29
Finger (third) ———————– 21
Finger (fourth) ———————– 17
Penis ———————– 35-104
Vagina ———————– 35-104
In acest tabel se vede pe deplin egalitatea între sexe dar si importanta primului deget….:)

Consum de alcool contraventie

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,,Consumul de alcool după producerea unui accident este interzis de art.78 din OUG nr.195/2002 însă pentru ca încălcarea obligației de abținere de la consumul de alcool să atragă răspunderea contravențională este necesar ca autorul faptei să cunoască împrejurarea ca a fost implicat într-un accident de circulație,, – Hotararea nr. 498/2022

,,Probele administrate, respectiv declarația martorului si fotografia de la fila 4….conduc la validarea apărării contravenientului în sensul că nu a observat fapta pricinuită, fiind în eroare de fapt cu privire la producerea accidentului,,

Bargain 5000$


O speta interesantă:

Hamer v. Sidway – Court of Appeals of New York

,, In the presence of family members and guests, Story Senior promised to pay his nephew 5000$ if he would refrain from drinking, using tobacco, swearing and playing cards or biliards for money until he became 21. The nephew agreed and fully performed his part of the bargain…..Meanwhile the uncle died without having paid his nephew any part of the 5000$,, The executor of the uncle s estate refuse to pay the 5000$ claiming that there had been no valid consideration.

So, the dispute was solved by Court of New York who decided that ,,In general a waiver of any legal right at the request of another party is a sufficient consideration for a promise,,

Interesant este ca toata actiunea se petrecea in 1891 iar 5000 de dolari atunci erau azi echivalentul a 158.851 $

Asa ca, a meritat ,,bargain,,-ul…:))

Silence as Acceptance

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The Postal Reorganization Act from US provides that unsolicited merchandise sent by U.S Mail may be retained, used, discarded or disposed of in any manner deemed appropriate, without the individual incurring any obligation to the sender.

Asa ceva mi s-a intamplat si cu sacii de dormit comandati de pe Alibaba si care au ajuns la alti destinatari (prin Bucuresti pe undeva) care nu au solicitat sacii de dormit….:))))

art. 1345 Cod Civil Imbogatire fără justă cauză…:))

Lipsa pretului


Uniform Commercial Code (UCC – SUA) 2-305 ,,If no price is stated, or if the price is left open to be agreed on – the price is a reasonable price at the time for delivery,,

Cod Civil art. 1664 Lipsa determinării exprese a prețului ,,(1) Prețul vânzării este suficient determinat dacă poate fi stabilit potrivit împrejurărilor. (2) Când contractul are ca obiect bunuri pe care vânzătorul le vinde în mod obișnuit, se prezumă că părțile au avut în vedere prețul practicat în mod obișnuit de vânzător,,



Am aflat si proveniența termenului ,,utopie,,..:))

,,Utopia, of course, does not exist. It never has. It is an imaginary place, invented in 1516 by Sir Thomas Moore. Moore’s book described a fantasyland, an ideal community where everything was peace and harmony, where all lived according to the law, where crime, poverty, want, need, greed, envy, and all other vices were unknown,,



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L.S – appears at the end of the document

L.S – locus sigili – the place for the seal (sigiliul nu foca….:)))

The significance of the seal has eroded.

,,Under early American law, many contracts were not enforced unless they complied with rigid legal standards….requiring in many cases a seal or impression made on wax,,

Acum cu ceară se lustruiesc pantofii avocatilor iar L.S inseamna loc pentru semnat ….:))