Duty of care vs buna-credinta

man s head bust

The basic role of duty is that people are free to act as they please as long as their actions do not infringe on the interest of others. The measure instrument for duty of care is the reasonable person standard. – West Business Law – Gaylord Jentz.

The reasonable person is not a person in reality….:)).If the so-called reasonable person existed, he or she would be the most careful, most conscientious, most even-tempered and most honest of people.

Buna-credință – Cod Civil Romania (1) Orice persoană fizică sau persoană juridică trebuie să își exercite drepturile și să își execute obligațiile civile cu bună-credință, în acord cu ordinea publică și bunele moravuri.

This standard is not about how a particulary person would act, is is about society s judgement on how people should act (objective standard)

Deci se pare ca nu vom gasi pe strada persoane rezonabile…in carne si oase….:)))


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