Cultivate calm

lime juice and fruit shake on glass

Aici se potriveste urmatorul banc pe care l-am citit recent:

,,Doctor: Are you employed?

Me: Yes, i am an attorney.

Doctor: Do you drink?

Me: Yes, i just told you, i am an attorney,,….:)))))

,,On the outside, clients want to appear cool, calm and collected as they try to reassure employees, family and themselves while they develop a coping strategy,, But internally, it’s a different story: “You’re scared. You wonder, is this going to threaten my career? Is this going to threaten my livelihood? What are people going to think about me?.

The plight of clients often affects the well-being of their lawyers, too.

“Lawyers wade around in crisis all the time,” Solomon said. “We pride ourselves on being detached, but we are definitely people who are at risk of secondary trauma and experiencing that crisis pain ourselves.”

Redefining Crisis Management: Supporting a Lawyer’s Wellbeing by Supporting the Client’s Wellbeing,”

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