The lawyer in the near future

A very interesting point of view from two specialists in psychology, Dr. Bob Murray and Dr. Alicia Fortinbery

Very few lawyers presently in law firms have the right traits and skills for the future. There are too many specialists, too many black-letter lawyers, and too many legal technicians. Few of these will be needed in the firm of the future. What will be needed will be men and women who understand the art of listening, questioning, and giving advice in a way that gives clients a sense of safety. These people will understand business and, more importantly, the psychology of running and operating a business.  They will be more like advisory partners in the Big 4.

Such people are rare in law firms at present and there will be great competition for them in the future. The law leader of the future will need to be able to interact with these people in ways that are quite different from the present. The science of human behaviour shows how a leader can retain, inspire, and motivate this new class of “lawyer”.

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