Bargain 5000$


O speta interesantă:

Hamer v. Sidway – Court of Appeals of New York

,, In the presence of family members and guests, Story Senior promised to pay his nephew 5000$ if he would refrain from drinking, using tobacco, swearing and playing cards or biliards for money until he became 21. The nephew agreed and fully performed his part of the bargain…..Meanwhile the uncle died without having paid his nephew any part of the 5000$,, The executor of the uncle s estate refuse to pay the 5000$ claiming that there had been no valid consideration.

So, the dispute was solved by Court of New York who decided that ,,In general a waiver of any legal right at the request of another party is a sufficient consideration for a promise,,

Interesant este ca toata actiunea se petrecea in 1891 iar 5000 de dolari atunci erau azi echivalentul a 158.851 $

Asa ca, a meritat ,,bargain,,-ul…:))

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